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Dave Picard


Dave Picard is a veteran political strategist and lobbyist, honing issues for candidates and clients. The product of a 4th generation pioneer ranching family in Wyoming, Dave easily grasps the complete picture of politics and specific issue areas, providing his clients the best advocacy and advice available.

In 1997, Dave formed The Wyoming Group, LLC, a government and public affairs firm serving the Rocky Mountain region with special emphasis in Wyoming. The firm specializes in representing fortune 100 companies in the lobbying and public affairs arena. Since its inception, he and his colleagues have served clients in the areas of lobbying, strategic planning, coalition building and mobilization, issue management and public relations in the government policy-making arena.

Dave Picard is a veteran of over one hundred political campaigns, managing and/or consulting at the local, state and national level. Picard continues to offer strategic advice to candidates for success at the ballot box and teaches campaign schools to local and state parties and industry groups.

During the 2000 Presidential Election, Dave served as an advance person for Secretary Dick Cheney and later served on the Bush-Cheney Transition Team as well as the 2000 Presidential Inaugural Committee as Lead Advance and Site Director. He continued to support the Bush-Cheney White House on a limited basis throughout the term as a Lead Advance person for the Vice President of the United States.

Dave attended the University of Wyoming and is an Honors Graduate from Western CUNA Management School at Claremont College in Pomona, California. He is a graduate of the Republican National Committee Campaign Management College.

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